New year, new location: top tips for global mobility

New year, new location top tips for global mobility

It’s a new year full of new possibilities. One thing on your agenda this year may be global mobility - seamlessly moving employees or companies from one country to another. After all, with current economic pressures, moving an office or headquarters to a new location can help businesses secure lower operational costs and, in some circumstances, cut back on tax payouts.

Global mobility is also hugely beneficial for attracting and retaining talent - an appealing factor in the aftermath of The Great Resignation, where 47 million Americans voluntarily left their roles, and during the challenges of staff shortages and increasing labor costs.

To help get you started on your journey, we’ve put together five top tips for global mobility to encompass individual employee extended-stay travel and company relocation.

5 top tips for global mobility

Why - There are many reasons businesses choose to relocate. In current circumstances, we’re observing companies moving headquarters to states or countries with more favorable tax and operational costs.

Global mobility also plays a major role in a business’s talent strategy. With a wider talent pool for hiring, and more flexible workplace policies, companies may be able to attract new talent. This is especially relevant now that employees are actively seeking remote working opportunities. One study found that almost two-thirds of employees are considering leaving their current job for a fully remote position.

Businesses can also utilize knowledgeable and trained staff by relocating them to branches or offices in need. Relocation offers employees better workplace experiences and the chance of progression, which may help companies retain employees.

Who - It’s part of your duty of care to provide support to employees during any relocation. Support should include everything from the physical move to their mental wellbeing. Relocation is a massive change, both professionally and personally. Ensure you’re aware of all the moving parts involved in an employee’s relocation; this will look different for each individual. You may be able to help them with some personal factors to lessen the move's impact. For example, an employee’s significant other may need support, or the employee may need accommodation near a suitable school for their children.

What - Global mobility on any scale, but especially when performed company-wide, can seem overwhelming. So, what can support travel managers and employees during this shift? Tech is continually evolving to provide solutions to streamline global business travel and relocation. According to the Global Business Travel Association, 61% of travel managers find using tech is an important part of their role.

There are solutions for every part of the journey, including verifying housing options. Online booking tools, with pre-vetted accommodations, simplify a massive step in the relocation process by providing travel managers with secure housing providers all in one place.

When researching locations, travel managers can identify risks using tools such as GeoSure, for economic, health, crime, and political data and alerts, and Augurisk, for natural disaster warnings. Travel managers and employees can also take advantage of travel checklist applications that they can use on the go.

How - To be successful in your global mobility move, ensure you start with and follow a robust checklist. This may include:

  • Locations to be considered
  • Risk assessments
  • Duty of care
  • Benchmarking research
  • Planning and notification
  • Guidance and support for the employee
  • Financial: payroll, tax, pension
  • Securing housing
  • Immigration
  • Implementation

Businesses should know the rights of their employees as well as their rights (especially when a mobility clause is in an employee’s contract). A robust travel risk management and mobility policy will help you identify and follow these to best meet everyone’s expectations.

Where - Even if housing is only temporary while employees find a permanent home, it’s vital employees have access to safe, vetted accommodation during a relocation. Travel managers must prioritize finding and booking reliable, trustworthy suppliers with robust duty of care policies. If you’re relocating on a large scale, you’ll also want to find a housing provider with extensive experience that can facilitate such a big operation.

There are a lot of moving parts in the global mobility process. But if travel managers have a robust policy in place, tech on their side, secure housing options, and support their employees' requirements - even these daunting tasks can run smoothly and successfully.


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