3 reasons why healthcare professionals need quality accommodation

RSC069 3 reasons why healthcare professionals need quality accommodation

Did you know that last year an advisory was issued to address the United State’s health worker burnout crisis? According to statistics, 54% of nurses and physicians and almost two-thirds of medical students and residents were suffering.

Now, think about the added stress those in the sector have to face when traveling for work — navigating unfamiliar cities, being away from loved ones, transport delays, and so much more. This is why it’s vital that travel managers in healthcare book employees into quality housing during business trips.

To highlight how specialized business travel accommodation can ease some of the inconveniences and stresses of being on the road, we’ve compiled a list of benefits for those working in the health industry.

3 reasons why the healthcare industry needs top-class accommodation

__A space to recuperate __

While most travelers suffer from the effects of long travel days, and jet lag if they’ve crossed time zones, healthcare professionals are also prone to working lengthy, arduous hours. This can take its toll physically and mentally. Healthcare professionals need to focus and be vigilant when on the job, so travel managers should prioritize comfort when searching for accommodation for their employees. They’ll benefit most from a place where they can fully relax and recuperate, ready for their next shift.

Comfort is essential for healthcare business travelers. With this in mind, travel managers may place preference on housing types that offer more space, such as a short-term rental or serviced apartment, as larger living areas can provide that home away from home feeling.

Quality of life

More than in any other industry, employees working in healthcare are extra vulnerable to burnout. It’s your duty of care to protect employees from any form of harm to their health. This is why it’s important for employers to set traveling employees up with housing amenities and facilities that help to support wellness and quality of life.

What kind of amenities can provide this support? Some people use exercise as a way to release stress and reset their mental state, so they would therefore benefit from space to work out or access to gym facilities at the accommodation. Other amenities, such as co-working spaces, can help workers to better differentiate between work and rest time, so they’re better able to switch off when inside their accommodation.

It’s also important to think about ways employers can simplify an employee's stay on a day-to-day basis. Choosing to house workers in accommodation with kitchen and laundry amenities, such as short-term rentals, aparthotels, and condos, can go a long way in reducing inconveniences (as well as expenses) to improve quality of life. Such amenities can be specified when searching for business travel accommodation on online booking tools, such as 3Sixty, for easy and quick access to suitable housing options.

Access to workplace

Quality accommodation isn’t solely based on what’s inside the housing but also on where it's located. This is especially important for healthcare business travelers working on-call who need to have fast access to their workplace in emergency situations. A well-thought-out accommodation choice can create an elevated business travel experience by reducing travel time and inconvenience for those working long shifts or attending all-day conferences. Travel managers can use advanced search options on online booking tools to ensure housing is suitably located when making bookings for employees.

Choosing housing that’s close by and convenient for your employees also helps to reduce travel expenses, something large organizations with tight budgets will want to make sure they get right.

__Key takeaways __

When it comes to business travel accommodation, those in the healthcare industry require a little more attention to detail, as employees are prone to long shifts, emergency call-outs and burnout. Employers can combat these challenges by choosing comfortable, well-located, and fully equipped housing options to give travelers the best experience possible.

  • Accommodation with larger living areas, such as short-term rentals or serviced apartments, can provide a greater home away from home feeling for those needing a space to recuperate.
  • Travel managers can help to reduce healthcare employee burnout during business travel by choosing accommodation with wellness amenities and essential facilities.
  • Proximity to workplace is essential for those working in the healthcare sector.


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