Why it’s important to get involved with your business travel planning

RSC065 Why it’s important to get involved with your business travel planning Employees, did you know that 51% of travel managers find meeting business traveler satisfaction a challenge? This means, more than likely, that your travel manager doesn’t know what you’re expecting from your business trip or relocation. And if this is the case, you could easily end up in unsuitable accommodation.

What may work for your colleague could be completely incompatible with what you require from housing while traveling for work. Where some prefer to be near the action in a city hotel, others prefer the peace of a serviced apartment on the edge of town. Your company will only know this if you tell them.

It’s important to communicate your needs with your employer before a trip to decrease the likelihood of added pressures and stress while you’re away. This is especially true if you require temporary accommodation during a relocation. If you have a young child, for example, you’ll need to ensure that the housing you’re offered is fitted with suitable amenities, such as baby gates and cribs.

Here are 3 reasons why getting involved in the business travel planning process is beneficial to you…


Traveling can take its toll on our mental and physical health, so having somewhere comfortable to relax and unwind at the end of the day is key. You know what you like - what makes you feel at home. For each individual, this is going to differ, so ensure you express your preferences to your employer. For example, maybe you’d feel more at home in a short-term rental that has kitchen facilities for you to cook your own meals.

Having a say in where you stay helps to guarantee your comfort while on your trip, meaning you’ll be happier, less stressed, and more motivated to complete your assignment. Online booking tools provide employees with pre-vetted accommodation options, allowing employees to search for and choose a perfect home away from home without worrying about meeting company compliance requirements and travel policies.


Getting involved in the planning process is a great opportunity to advocate for yourself and express what you’d like to get out of your trip. Do you want more flexibility and the chance to extend your stay into a bleisure trip or have more of a blended travel experience? The simple truth is if you don’t ask for it - you won’t get it.

Your employer may be more accommodating than you think. Research shows that 65% of employees believe they’re more productive when given flexibility in their work schedule. This means employers can benefit from offering opportunities for bleisure and blended travel - so don’t be afraid to ask for things that would make your trip more fulfilling.


Being open with your employer about any support needs while on the road helps them to help you. Their highest priority is to keep you safe and healthy as part of their duty of care as your employer. So, if you think you’ll need additional support, be sure to let your employer know so the right measures can be put in place.

It’s vital for you to have access to safe, vetted accommodation suppliers across the globe who prioritize your security. Choose housing that can support you in real-time with 24/7 customer support - so that when you’re in a different time zone than your company, you still have someone to contact in a pinch.

Utilize technology while traveling for work. Whether you’re worried about remembering everything and need a virtual checklist or find the company expense system difficult to navigate, there’s probably a mobile application that could help to support you. Getting involved in the decision-making process of your business travel plans can be super beneficial for employees. It helps to ensure you’ll be comfortable, happy, and supported while traveling for work. So, why not empower yourself to have more of a say in where you stay with an online booking tool where all of your housing options are already fully compliant and vetted?


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