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5 reasons why the logistics industry needs specialist housing

RSC064 5 reasons why the logistics industry needs specialist housing

Despite the challenges of 2022, such as inflation and labor constraints, the logistics industry has thrived. Momentum over the past few years continued, with last year seeing a 91% increase in order volumes. With the rise in people working from home over the past three years, it’s no surprise that the industry has seen massive growth as more and more items are being ordered online.

Now, as business travel is returning to normal, those in the logistics industry will start jet-setting around the globe again in order to have face-to-face sales meetings with new and existing clients, open new locations, and oversee important deliveries.

What is the logistics industry?

Logistics is the trading sector, which covers everything from transportation, such as freight, to shipping, mail, and storage. Essentially, logistics = how things get from point a to point b. For example, the journey your most recent parcel took to get to your home.

5 reasons why the logistics industry needs specialist housing

Suitable accommodation

The logistics industry is a multi-trillion dollar sector. Those traveling for business could be attending high-stake sales meetings, and such discussions and agreements aren’t made lightly. This means business trips may be longer. In some cases, employees may be required to oversee shipments from an international location, develop new partnerships overseas, or set up a depot in a new location, which may require staying somewhere for weeks or even months at a time.

With this in mind, it’s vital that travel managers choose suitable accommodation based on the employee's length of stay. Business travelers staying for an extended period of time may be more comfortable and better equipped in a serviced apartment, aparthotel, or short-term rental, which offer more living space and facilities for cooking meals and cleaning clothes. If you’re unsure of what your employee needs, involve them in the planning process!


Closing sales with clients can take time. Your employee may therefore be vulnerable to working long hours, which is overwhelming in itself, not to mention when in an unfamiliar destination. It’s also important to remember that the logistics industry doesn’t sleep, with the movements of products often happening through the night or early hours of the morning. Avoid employee burnout by choosing accommodation located near the office/depot they’ll be working from to avoid adding transport time and costs to their day.


Whilst the cost of pretty much everything - energy, food, transport - is on the rise, even the smallest decisions can make a difference to business travel costs. For example, housing your employee in a hotel room for an extended stay could mean facing high costs to cover the essentials like meals and laundry. Instead, look for specialist housing based on your employee's needs.

Using an online booking tool makes this research process a breeze, travel managers or employees can simply filter by preferences and amenities. Accommodation booking platforms, such as 3Sixty, can also help you minimize costs by offering market-guaranteed prices and a chance to bid for a lower nightly rate.


Those traveling for business will likely have a busy itinerary and, therefore, won’t appreciate interruptions. Ensure you select housing that respects the guest’s privacy, not only to protect the employee’s time but for their comfort too. When considering accommodation types, reflect on the needs of the travelers. Serviced apartments are a great option for those looking to work, cook, and relax in their own space. Short-term rentals and aparthotels can offer employees a home away from home, where they can fully recuperate after traveling and long working days.

The safety of your employees is paramount on business trips. When searching for accommodation, make sure suppliers are regulated and trustworthy. You can simplify this process by booking accommodation through an all-in-one marketplace that offers pre-vetted housing options.


Those working in logistics are likely to be relocating/traveling to international destinations. According to research, the Asia-Pacific continues to be the largest logistics market by region, with China predicted to overtake the US in market value in the next three years.

Employees working in a different time zone may require additional support as your team won’t always be on hand to answer queries. Choose housing suppliers with strong communication offerings, such as 24-7 guest services, to help support your employee in real-time with any location or accommodation based queries.

Key takeaways

  • Accommodation type can make all the difference.
  • The location of employee housing is important.
  • Small changes can make big business travel savings.
  • Privacy is essential for employees on business trips.
  • Travelers require extra support when in an unfamiliar destination.

Keep those traveling in the logistics industry happy, safe, and productive by choosing the right housing for their trip based on travel needs, length of stay, preferences, and work commitments. Travel is likely to be long-term, so the comfort and functionality of housing are paramount. Decisions that may seem minor, such as the location of your accommodation or housing amenities, could actually be the difference between a great guest experience and a poor one.


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